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TMSB Tutorial 4: XML File Customization

article by Ben Lincoln


After discovering the many ways that other people wanted to use TMSB in interesting ways that I hadn't thought of, I decided to split this article out into an entire subsection to avoid it becoming overly long.

TMSB Tutorial 4A: Basic XML File Customization is an introduction to making simple changes to the configuration included with TMSB. For example, if you like some of the output images from the "Filter Emulation" configuration, but don't want to generate all of them.

TMSB Tutorial 4B: Dual-Band Ultraviolet-A XML File Customization involves creating a custom input processing configuration file, so that if both ~380nm and ~360nm ultraviolet-A source images are available, they can both be included.

TMSB Tutorial 4C: Andrea G. Blum Colour Combination XML File describes a method requested by Andrea G. Blum, for combining near infrared, human-visible, and ultraviolet-A source images in an unusual (but often visually-pleasing) way.

TMSB Tutorial 4D: Klaus D. Schmitt Custom Colour-Processing Matrix is based on a request by Dr. Klaus D. Schmitt, and treats the input files in the NIR-RGB-UVA configuration as a 3-by-3 matrix for custom combinations.

TMSB Tutorial 4E: Multitemporal Processing is an example based on a request by Steve Smeed, and uses custom input and processing configuration files to combine multiple RGB images offset in time from each other.

TMSB Tutorial 4F: Yellow Filter Processing is an example based on a second request by Steve Smeed. This one uses custom input and processing configuration files to recover near infrared, red, and green channels from a single shot taken with a multispectrally-converted camera equipped with a yellow filter. These channels can then be combined to create a Kodak EIR-style NIR-R-G false colour image.

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