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I am the "I" being referred to in most cases when something is written in the first person on this site.

I've worked in the technology industry since 1994, when I was in high school and got a job doing Macromedia Director work for a small company in my hometown which produced multimedia CDs. I've also worked as a UI developer at an internet startup before they were called dot-coms (Intermind), a systems admin for a student newspaper at Simon Fraser University (where I studied electronic music composition), and a systems engineer at a retail corporation in Seattle where I am currently employed. In 2011 I moved into information security, and have been doing security engineering ever since.

Aside from my duties as a computer nerd, I like to explore the real world, which you can read about in the Drives section. I enjoy a lot of music - particularly industrial, darkwave, and metal.

I have four tattoos - a barcode on my right forearm, Kain's clan symbol (from the Legacy of Kain series) on my left upper arm, Schröedinger's wavefunction equation on my left forearm, and the symbol I designed for myself[1] on my right upper arm. I think of them as reminders to myself and advertisements to others of particularly strong aspects of my personality - I am very interested in science (and particularly the eerie aspects of quantum physics), I am clearly particularly fond of Legacy of Kain, and was strongly influenced by cyberpunk fiction like Neuromancer and Blade Runner.

Speaking of books, I quite enjoy William Gibson (particularly the aforementioned Neuromancer), Greg Bear (especially Anvil of Stars), Neal Stephenson, Alastair Reynolds (probably the best modern hard science fiction author), Pat Cadigan, and Bruce Sterling. For non-fiction, I recommend David Deutsch's The Fabric of Reality and anything by Brian Greene.

A Few Photos of Me
[ 2002 ]
[ 2004-2006 (Photo by Peter Kwon) ]
2004-2006 (Photo by Peter Kwon)
[ Exploring Ape Cave in 2005 ]
Exploring Ape Cave in 2005
[ 2006 ]
[ At Yellowstone's Wraith Falls in 2006 ]
At Yellowstone's Wraith Falls in 2006
[ In 2013 ]
In 2013
[ In 2014 ]
In 2014


1. The heavily-abstracted "three stone towers crossed with waves" symbol you'll see now and again on this site — see What Does This Symbol Mean? for more details.
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