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I've been experimenting with photography as a hobby since 2007. While the other sections of this website contain a variety of my photos, this section is generally reserved for the ones that I think are at least pretty good, as opposed to just illustrative of something. Because this is a relatively recent hobby you should hopefully notice a significant improvement in the newer photos.

My main interest is multispectral photography (currently in the near-infrared and ultraviolet-A parts of the spectrum in addition to visible light), so most of the photos are displayed in multiple variations unless I shot them handheld. If you're interested in the technical details of what's being represented (including how to decipher my "NIR-R-G"-style false colour notation), or how I take those pictures, there are articles available in the technical subsection.

If you're interested in seeing a much larger selection of photos related to places I've been, please visit the Drives section.





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