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I try to keep my links to other websites limited to references in the various articles here. However, if I think one is useful enough, I will also include it here.

My Other Sites

There's only one of these at this time: Legacy of Kain: The Lost Worlds.

Other Peoples' Sites

Bjørn Rørslett's site - Bjørn is an outstanding photographer, and his site was what got me started working with multispectral photography.

Andrea G. Blum's site - Andrea is the moderator of the UV/IR forum on Nikon Gear (which I also recommend visiting), and has a gallery of extremely well-shot UV flower photos.

Photography of the Invisible World - This is Klaus Schmitt's blog, and he frequently posts interesting information about UV and IR that you won't find anywhere else, including his own excellent UV photos and videos. He also has an extensive database of camera lens information, and is in posession of numerous rare and interesting items.

Beyond Visible - This is Shane Elen's site, which also contains some very useful information on the topic of multispectral photography.

UVR Defense Tech, Ltd. - This is Reed Curry's business. It mostly caters to military (or simulated military, such as paintball) purposes, but is also the source for the "Andrea-U" UV-bandpass filter, as well as dicussions of improvised and low-cost UV-imaging equipment.

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