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Malibu Creek State Park

article and photographs by Ben Lincoln


I visited Malibu Creek State Park in 2007, while I was spending a few days in Los Angeles. You can find my impressions and more photos in the Drive 2007 - Day 04 article.

Malibu Creek State Park 2
[ R-G-B ]
[ Tinted NIR ]
Tinted NIR
[ Tinted UVA ]
Tinted UVA
[ NIR-R-G ]
[ NIR-G-B ]
[ G-B-UVA ]
[ R-G-UVA ]
[ NIR-R-B ]
[ NIR Luma / RGB Colour ]
NIR Luma / RGB Colour
[ NIR Luma / Tinted UVA Colour ]
NIR Luma / Tinted UVA Colour
[ UVA Luma / Inverted RGB Colour ]
UVA Luma / Inverted RGB Colour
[ RGB With 'Max Difference' Overlay ]
RGB With 'Max Difference' Overlay

A wide (4-shot) panorama looking down at one of the nicer parts of Malibu Creek State Park from a hill. This is one of the few panoramas I've made that actually makes me feel like it captured the feeling of a place successfully. The visible-light version of this one is exactly how I remember Malibu Creek. Like the previous shot, I've included two experimental processed images. The first uses a negative of the RGB version as the colour over the UVA version as luminance. It's not very useful in terms of conveying information, but I liked that it looked like an alien landscape straight out of a Sega Genesis game circa 1990. The "max difference" version is a bit more complicated. I took all five colour channels and generated a greyscale image that represented the greatest variation from the average of the five. This was then overlaid on the RGB version to create a synthetic high-contrast image. My idea here was to do a proof-of-concept for a (realtime) system that would create high-contrast imagery that would still be more or less the colours expected by a normal person. I think the result is interesting, and contrast is certainly improved in some areas, but suffers in others.

Date Shot: 2007-09-03
Camera Body: Nikon D70 (Modified)
Lens: Nikon Series E 28mm
Filters: LDP Net CCI (RGB), B&W 093 (NIR), Baader U-Filter (UVA)
Date Processed: 2009-02-22
Version: 2.0

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