[ Beneath the Waves ]


article by Ben Lincoln


Table of contents

  1. Deleted/Development Biomes
  2. Deleted/Development Rooms
  3. Deleted and Altered Bosses
  4. Deleted and Altered Permanent Items
  5. Deleted and Altered Non-Permanent Items
  6. Deleted and Altered Weapons
  7. Deleted and Altered Consumables
  8. Things That May or May Not Be Deleted
  9. How Many Rooms Are There?
  10. Code Names

Deleted/Development Biomes

References to additional biomes can be found in pakchunk1_s2/Gameplay/Biomes/, pakchunk0/Returnal/Content/Audio/Mix/States/Biomes/, and pakchunk0/Returnal/Content/Audio/Worlds:

The files for "Debug Minimal" and "Nightmare" in pakchunk1_s2/Gameplay/Biomes/ refer to the level generator, so may even be playable with some hacking.

"Benchmark" and "Debug Minimal" are probably some sort of test biomes, never intended to be playable outside of Housemarque.

The existence of "Citadel Past" (distinct from "Citadel" and "Underwater Ruins") and "Crimson City" (distinct from "Crimson Desert") implies that perhaps the game may have originally been conceived with either three sets of biomes in three different eras (past, present, and future), or that the two eras would each have had more than three biomes. It's always nagged at me a little bit that the Echoing Ruins area is clearly in an earlier era than Overgrown Ruins, while Abyssal Scar seems to be from a future era. Fractured Wastes is implied as being in the past relative to Crimson Wastes ("Newer devices than the ones in the desert, their orichalcum not yet tarnished by age."[1]), but works equally well (perhaps better) if it's in the future. There are also hints in the in-game text that imply a Soul Reaver-esque "the player will see how the consequences of their actions play out and have to travel back in time to correct them" aspect to the story that never fully materializes, but would be explained by having a distinct "future" and "past" act to the game.

"Excavation Site" is probably a reference to the "Center Drill" that leads to Ophion, so may have either been an earlier version of the final area, or refer to a hypothetical additional era/act.

Without more information it's unclear what "Nightmare" might be. I suppose it could represent the semi-playable house sequences, but this seems unlikely to me because:

The Nightmare biome seems to have included the "Theia Boss" discussed below, and may have also involved elements from the house, even though it seems to be distinct from the house sequences. It seems to be associated with the secret second ending to the game, as well as the Tower of Sisyphus. Maybe it was originally supposed to be a playable area immediately before the secret ending, but was reduced to a location for a few cinematics?

A lot of these questions should be easier to answer once there's a working model viewer/converter for the game.

Deleted/Development Rooms

There are a over 50 files in the game data associated with development/test content:

There may also be rooms associated with the existing biomes that aren't actually used in the game. It will probably be necessary to find a way to view/convert the room data before a more comprehensive list is possible.

Deleted and Altered Bosses

There are references to a "Theia Boss" in some of the game's data files(!). The data really looks like a full boss, not just a placeholder used to create the cinematics. It seems to be associated with the "Nightmare" biome discussed above. I'm going to avoid discussing that further here partly because I haven't found a lot more than the name, but also because any discussion would involve major spoilers for the game's story.

Deleted and Altered Permanent Items

The game contains textures for a "DashUpgrade" artifact in the style of the other alien suit hardware. This was probably replaced with the Spaceship Model non-permanent item.

The game also contains separate textures for "Chain" and "Hookshot". This is probably because one of them is the suit hardware and one is the chain it launches.

Deleted and Altered Non-Permanent Items

Because not all of the game data files differentiate between "non-permanent item", "parasite effect", "effect of a consumable", "random effect applied to a daily challenge", and so forth, it's difficult to be 100% sure which of these items count as "deleted" or "modified".

A few of the elements that are unarguably non-permanent items appear to have been changed, perhaps significantly.

The code name for the "Pulsating Mass" item is "ResetSanityOnParasitePickupAndRemoval", which implies the existence of a "sanity level", similar to Eternal Darkness. Perhaps it would have been separate from suit integrity, or perhaps the game was originally intended to have Selene lose her mind but not actually die immediately before each cycle? On the other hand, the Malignant Key item has the code name "Key_SanityLoss", so the sanity element may have eventually become the "malfunction" gameplay mechanic.

The code name for the "Charred Piano Key" item is the even more grim "EmptyPillBottle".

The "Blown Nightlight" item is codenamed "BrokenClock". Perhaps it would have been stuck at 8:36?

The "Reactive Stabilizers" item has the code name "KnockdownImmunity50", implying that originally it only prevented knockdowns half of the time instead of 95%.

The "Murmuring Cocoon" is codenamed "SwitchToLargeParasite". It doesn't have a visible effect in the final game, but implies that previously there were different categories of parasite. Perhaps this also tied into the "dead with a parasite attached to her faceplate" element in the title screen?

It seems that Housemarque originally considered having four different difficulty levels for Returnal. pakchunk0/Returnal/Content/RawData/MetaMods.csv includes definitions for the following artifacts:

The "mode" implies that they would just modify the difficulty of the game, separate from the "Nightmare" biome discussed above, but the "damage shape" language sounds similar to the descriptions for Hollowseeker and Dreadbound. Perhaps those two weapons were intended to be found in some sort of warped, extra-difficult biome? In any case, having the game default to "normal" difficulty but allowing the player to pick up an item to select an easier or harder mode would be in keeping with the use of in-game interactions that the game favours over using menus. I assume the artifacts would have been in the crashed ship. Perhaps some of the background props are actually the models intended for these three artifacts.

Some other effects that might be associated with deleted non-permanent items, or possibly always intended to simply be parasite/daily challenge/malfunction modifiers:

Deleted and Altered Weapons

The files in pakchunk0/Returnal/Content/Audio/Weapons and pakchunk0/Returnal/Content/RawData disclose the development names/codenames for the various in-game weapons, as well as their final in-game names. There are 11 primary weapons in the final version of the game:

But apparently there were eleven other weapons that were removed or merged with others during development:

The "Marksman Rifle" seems to have been removed later than the other weapons. It's the only one I've found that has a full description and references to mesh files. The description is a generic placeholder: "This weapon shoots projectiles", vs. e.g. "Fires ammo that briefly hangs in the air and then angles towards the target" for Hollowseeker or "A mechanical weapon with rapid fire but low shot power" for the Tachyomatic Carbine.

Data for the Atropian Blade indicates that it was originally not an alien weapon, and perhaps the player began the game with it: "A long plasma-edged cutting tool provided by ASTRA. Use to remove obstacles and extract scientifically valuable samples". There's also a separate "Pulsator" upgrade the Atropian Blade (in addition to the Blade Balancer), although this may have been converted into the Electropylon Driver trait Blade Pulse.

There's a table that maps codenames to in-game names, with notes, further down this page.

There are also references to alt-fire modes that appear to be unused:

The final game has a single "blast shell" versus "bomb", "remote bomb", and "grenade". All three appear to have been distinct from the proximity mine.

Hollowseeker and the Rail Gun

I think almost everyone who plays Returnal assumes at first that Hollowseeker is a railgun. It's got the forked "two rails with a gap in the middle where the barrel would be on a typical long gun" look popularized by Halo and The Expanse. I don't think that's a particularly realistic design for a practical railgun, but it does look neat from an artistic perspective. It doesn't behave like a railgun, but if one never looks closely at it one may not think any more of it, and assume that the purple glow is just from some sort of alien energy source.

While I was trying out the photo mode early on in my first playthrough of the game, I zoomed in far enough to notice that there's a lot more going on with that weapon. The metal parts look incredibly ancient and battered. In particular, large parts of the "barrel" have been eroded away, and what's left is heavily pitted. It appears to be some sort of relic from thousands of years or more in the past. The purple glowing section is actually a Cronenberg-esque biological element grafted on where one would expect the chamber or other source of destructive force to be, and has a mouth-like orifice that opens into the "barrel" area, matching the in-game description "Instead of generating the ammunition, it opens its mouth, screaming its [DATABASE MISMATCH] shards into being".

[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]

Various views of the Hollowseeker weapon in Returnal.


Given the other story elements in the game, my "head canon" for Hollowseeker is that the purple biological element is vaguely like a hermit crab - some sort of creepy alien creature that may benefit from living in a hardened shell it finds discarded. It may even (in another nod to Cronenberg) want to be used, and posing as a more typical weapon would allow it to deceive the Atropians and Selene into doing so.

Returnal originally included a separate railgun. What I suspect happened was that the initial 20 or so weapon concepts were narrowed down to just the ones that were the most fun and/or original. A railgun probably wouldn't have felt distinct enough from the Coilspine Shredder and Tachyomatic Carbine, so the 3D model was heavily weathered and modified into Hollowseeker.

Of course, the game has one other weapon that seems to come from a similar background:

[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]
[   ]

Various views of the Dreadbound weapon in Returnal.


Deleted and Altered Consumables

The developers appear to have removed a number of consumable items. About half of them are prefixed with the word "Clarity" in their codenames. "Clarity" refers to Ether in other elements of the game, so perhaps these were consumables that would trade Ether for immediate effects. On the other hand, the pakchunk0/Returnal/Content/RawData/MetaMods.csv file content seems to indicate that they were converted into parasite effects or other non-item effects.

"Keys to Money" would have been a variation on the Key Liquifier ("KeysToMaxHP"). Another deleted consumable would have converted parasites into keys.

There's also an "old" variant of the smart bomb/Dismantler.

Things That May or May Not Be Deleted

Different members of the development team used different names to refer to elements of the game, and the names themselves changed while the game was being developed. In some cases, I haven't been able to determine if they refer to something that is in the final game or not, but they sound interesting:

(more to come later)

How Many Rooms Are There?

That's a good question. A few long-time players in the Returnal sub-Reddit have reported seeing a value of 394 for the "Areas Explored" statistic in the ship's log console.[2] This seems likely to be at least close to the number of rooms that the current version of the game allows access to without modifications. It's always possible there are a few rooms that are intentionally so rare that even those players haven't seen them yet. I think it's far more likely that there are at least some others that have been disabled or were never finished, but are still present in the data files.

Getting a count that matches up with what the game would consider a unique room/area is currently very difficult. There are thousands of files that look like they could be rooms, but that number is exaggerated because for at least some of the file types, every variation on a room results in a separate file, even though the game considers them the same room for purposes of counting distinct areas. I would currently estimate that there are about 449 "areas" in the PC game data in the sense that they'd be counted for the in-game statistics screen. That would make about 55 areas/rooms associated with the six playable biomes that aren't accessible without hacking the game. It doesn't include the development/test/debugging areas, which would bring the total to more like 110. It also doesn't include the house or hospital areas. If I can find a more accurate count, I'll update this section.

Code Names

This section maps all of the in-game names (e.g. "Hollowseeker") to their code names in the game's data files (e.g. "Pinpointer").


Code Name In-Game Name
Alien Forest / AF Overgrown Ruins
Benchmark Benchmark
Citadel / CI Derelict Citadel
Citadel Past [ Unknown ]
Crimson City [ Unknown ]
Crimson Desert / CD Crimson Wastes
Debug Minimal / DM Debug Biome
Excavation Site [ Unknown ]
Ice Complex / IC Fractured Wastes
Nightmare / NM [ Unknown ]
Swamp / SW Echoing Ruins
Timeless Tower / TT Tower of Sisyphus
Underwater Ruins / Underwater / UR Abyssal Scar


Code Name In-Game Name
DLCBoss / TTBoss Algos
FogBoss Phrike
Guardian Ophion
JudgeBoss Nemesis
Musician / MusicianBoss / SwampBoss Hyperion
ReaperBoss Ixion

Other Enemies

Code Name In-Game Name
CD_Turret Crimson Turret
CitadelDrone Drone
CitadelFloatingShape Armored Machina
CitadelTripod Tripod
CitadelTripod_Dumb Broken Tripod
CitadelTurret Citadel Turret
CrystalLizard Chrysoid
CrystalLizard_TT Pylioid
EnemyModifier Proteron
ForestChaserLarge Kerberonyx
ForestChaserLarge_Elite Malformed Kerberonyx
ForestChaserSmall Kerberon
ForestFlyer Strixera
ForestHulk Titanops
ForestSporeWizard Mycomorph
ForestTeleporter Lamiadon
ForestTurret Atropian Turret
IceChaser Frost Kerberonyx
IceDrone Frost Drone
IceFloatingShape Frost Machina
IceSevered Frost Severed
IceSevered_Elite Malformed Severed
IceTurret Frost Turret
SandChaser Waste Kerberonyx
SandFlyer Aetheract
SandLurker Gorgolith
SandSevered Severed
SandStormer Archonact
SandStormer_Elite Malformed Archonact
SentinelCrawling Broken Automaton
SentinelWalking Automaton
SentinelWalking_Elite Malformed Automaton
SwampFlyerLarge Strixera Matriarch
SwampFlyerSmall Proto-Strixera
SwampHulk Proto-Titanops
SwampHulk_Elite Malformed Proto-Titanops
SwampPod Gyropod
SwampShockwaver Trichozoid
SwampTurret Echoing Turret
WaterFloatingShape Abyssal Machina
WaterHulk Typhonops
WaterHulk_Elite Malformed Typhonops
WaterShockwaver Abyssal Trichozoid
WaterSoul Anomos
WaterStormer Abyssal Archonact
ZombieCorpse Infected Scout


Code Name In-Game Name Notes
Charge Pistol Modified Sidearm SD-M8? If this was ever a separate weapon, it was probably reworked to be the charging trait for the regular sidearm
Crystal Gun Dreadbound
Detonator n/a
Disc Launcher Coilspine Shredder
Flamer n/a
Goo Gun Rotgland Lobber
Kinetic Rifle Tachyomatic Carbine
Laser Gun n/a May have been converted into the Voidbeam alt-fire mode
Lightning Gun n/a May have been converted into the Shockstream alt-fire mode
Marksman Rifle n/a May have been merged with the Kinetic Rifle to make the Tachyomatic Carbine
Pinpointer Hollowseeker
Pistol / Kinetic Pistol Modified Sidearm SD-M8
Plasma Blade / Plasma Katana Atropian Blade
Plasma Rifle n/a Seems to have been merged with the Kinetic Rifle to make the Tachyomatic Carbine
Predictor Gun n/a Seems to have been merged into the Pyroshell Caster
Pylon Gun / Pylon Launcher Electropylon Driver
Rail Gun n/a Weapon effect may have been converted into the Kill Sight alt-fire mode. The model was probably used as the basis for Hollowseeker.
Remote Bomb n/a
Rocket Launcher Thermogenic Launcher
Rotgland Rotgland Lobber Unclear if it was originally separate from the "Goo Gun" or always one weapon
Shell Caster / Thermogenic Caster Pyroshell Caster
Shotgun / Bionic Shotgun Spitmaw Blaster
Stream Gun n/a Seems to have been merged with the "Pinpointer" to make Hollowseeker
Tag Weapon / Marker Gun n/a Might have been for a larger multiplayer mode

Alt-Fire Modes

Code Name In-Game Name
BeamGun Void Beam
Bomb n/a
BreakShot Shieldbreaker
CriticalShot n/a
CurvedShot n/a
Grenade Blast Shell
Hologram n/a
HomingBarrage Trackerswarm
HorizontalBlast Horizontal Barrage
Lightning Shockstream
ProximityMine Proximity Mine
Remote Bomb n/a
Sniper Killsight
TentacleGun Tendrilpod
VerticalShot Vertical Barrage
WaveGun Doombringer

Permanent Items

Code Name In-Game Name
AltFire Atropian Weapon Charger
CarKeys Car Keys
DashUpgrade n/a
EnvResistanceSuit / EnvSuit Promethean Insulators
EyeOfTruth Delphic Visor
FlowerPoppy White Poppy
GravitySuit / GravBoots Hadal Ballast
HookShot Icarian Grapnel
HouseKey House Key
Key_CD Crimson Key
Key_IC Fractured Key
MistElevator Hermetic Transmitter
SunOrnament Sunface Fragment

Non-Permanent Items

The source for this data also includes a "Explosive_Dash" entry that maps to "Suit Artifact", but only because there's just the one "Suit Artifact" entry in the player's databank.

Code Name In-Game Name
2WayRadio Two-Way Radio
AdrenalineDrainProtect Adrenaline Enhancer
BrokenClock Blown Nightlight
Chance4LootUp Energy Manipulator
CorpseExplosion Visceral Knot
CurrencyDamage Golden Coil
CurrencyDrop Obolite Extractor
CurrencyTimerUp Obolite Stabilizer
EmptyPillBottle Charred Piano Key
ExtraLife Child's Watch
Globe Melted Globe
HealByKill Phantom Limb
HealByParasite Progenitor Egg
HealthUpgradeUp Upgrade Mechanoid
KnockdownImmunity50 Reactive Stabilizers
MaxHealthUpgradeReduction1 Resin Enhancer
MusicBox Music Box
NoConsumeConsumable Sealed Skull
NoConsumeKey Key Retriever
NoSlowdown Silver Lattice
PocketUp1 Xeno-tech Prism
PosModMultiplier Fractal Nail
RabbitsPaw Astronaut Figurine
ResetSanityOnParasitePickupAndRemoval Pulsating Mass
RobotToy Damaged Robot Toy
RubberBall Warped Rubber Ball
SapBubble Resinous Shield
SlowmoUp Xeno-tech Sight
SpaceshipToy Spaceship Model
StaggerUpPerPara Unfed Pod
StrongSlash Blade Balancer
SwitchToLargeParasite Murmuring Cocoon
TargetLowHealthDamageUp Wound Seekers
WeaponFireBreakShield Shield Disruptor


Code Name In-Game Name
1HitShield Shield Vial
Barricade Energy Barricade
ClarityBomb n/a
ClarityBuffDEF n/a
ClarityBuffDMG n/a
ClarityBuffHealing n/a
ClarityBuffLoot n/a
ClaritySpawnParasite n/a
ClarityStaggerBlast n/a
DamageNoMovement Weapon Stimulant
DashUpMeleeCharges Alt-Fire Stimulant
DashUpMeleeHeals Kinetic Siphon
DisableRoomTurrets Interference Sphere
DMGHeals Damage Siphon
DoubleCharge Alt-Fire Coolant
DoubleHeal Repair Enhancer
DropClarity n/a
DropMaxHPUp Residual Sphere
EnemyKillCurrencyRadius Obolite Seeder
ExplosiveJump Shocking Springs
FreezeBlast Sub-zero Pulse
HPLarge Large Silphium Vial
HPSmall Silphium Vial
InstantMaxAdrenaline Apex Sphere
KeysToMaxHP Key Liquifier
KeysToMoney n/a
LeachKit Leeching Nanoswarm
MeleeKillAdrenLevelUp n/a
MoneyHeals Obolite Siphon
ParasiteToKey n/a
Pulse Anti-Energy Pulse
RabbitHole Translocation Sphere
RabbitholeStreamer n/a
Radiance Kinetic Field
RemoveCurses Nullification Sphere
RemoveParasites Extermination Sphere
ReplaceParasite Parasite Harvester
ReplaceWeapon Weapon Harvester
RerollShop Fabricator Shifter
SlowDownTime Reflex Stimulant
Smartbomb Dismantler
SpawnMetaModifier n/a
SummonSpike Ground Surge
SuperWeapon_DetonatingBlast Absolution Disgorger
SuperWeapon_Minigun Quad-Swarm Disgorger
SuperWeapon_MissileSwarm Blight-Wave Disgorger
SuperWeapon_OverdriveBeam Dire-Beam Disgorger
Turret Projectile Portal


Code Name In-Game Name
Cur_Clarity / Clarity Ether
Cur_Small / Cur_Medium / Cur_Large / RadioactiveMineral Obolite (various sizes)
Cur_LargeCursed Malignant Obolite
HP / HP_Small / Fungus Silphium
HP_Full Large Silphium
HP_Cursed Malignant Silphium
HP_GambleMaxHPUpSmall Spoiled Resin
HP_MaxHPUp / HP_MaxHPUpSmall / HP_MaxHPUpMed / FungalExtract Resin / Large Resin
HP_MaxHPUpSmall_Cursed / HP_MaxHPUpMed_Cursed Malignant Resin / Large Malignant Resin
Key_Basic / SystemAccessDevice Atropian Key
Key_Boss Anathema Key
Key_Boss_UR Abyssal Key
Key_IceKey Hadal Key
Key_SanityLoss Malignant Key
Key_SwampKey Echoing Key
Parasite / Xenoinsectoids Parasite
Pro / Neuralimprint Calibrator
Pro_Small Broken Calibrator?
Pro_Large Worn Calibrator?
Pro_XL Enhanced Calibrator?
Pro_Mega Pristine Calibrator?
Pro_Biome Modular Calibrator?
Blueprint Datacube
Xenoglyph / XenoglyphSample Xenoglyph Cipher


One of the game configuration files lumps everything that modifies player statistics into one "artefacts" category, even though most of them are not presented as artifacts in the game itself. I've included all of them here, even where they duplicate one of the other tables.

Code Name In-Game Name Description
2WayRadio Two-Way Radio Personal Item. It seems to create a positive relation between Ether and Protection
ActiveReload_Bolt Overload Bolts Successful Overloads generate energy bolts that hit two nearest hostiles
AdrenalineDrainProtect Adrenaline Enhancer Take one additional hit before Adrenaline Levels drop
AltFireCD_DefUp Alt-Fire Protection Gain 10% Protection while Alt-Fire is recharging
Barrier_Breaker Shield Disruptor Chance to break Shields with normal weapon fire
Blade_Extension Blade Extension Melee reach extended
BrokenClock Blown Nightlight A personal item. Being at Full or Low Integrity increases Weapon Damage by 10%
Buffed Reinforced Suit Start with increased Max Integrity
Chance4LootUp Energy Manipulator Using a Consumable briefly increases Protection by 10%
Charger_BeHit Recharging Response Getting hit reduces Alt-Fire Cooldown by 5s
Charger_HealAndAreaSecure Recharging Overload Successful Overloads reduce Alt-Fire Cooldown by 3s
Charger_MeleeKill Execution Coolant Melee kills reduce Alt-Fire Cooldown by 5s
ClaritySaver Ether Saver Reduces all Ether costs by 1
Come_Get_Some Reduced Protection Protection decreased by 30%
Consumable1HitShield Consumable1HitShield Shield activated
ConsumableClarityBuffDEF ConsumableClarityBuffDEF Protection Increased
ConsumableClarityBuffDMG ConsumableClarityBuffDMG Weapon Damage Increased
ConsumableClarityBuffHealing ConsumableClarityBuffHealing Repair Efficiency doubled
ConsumableClarityBuffLoot ConsumableClarityBuffLoot Hostiles drop Salvage
ConsumableDamageNoMovement ConsumableDamageNoMovement Weapon Damage increased & Movement disabled
ConsumableDashUpMeleeCharges ConsumableDashUpMeleeCharges Alt-Fire Cooldown reduced
ConsumableDashUpMeleeHeals ConsumableDashUpMeleeHeals Melee Kill Siphon & Dash Cooldown decreased
ConsumableDMGHeals ConsumableDMGHeals Damage Siphon activated
ConsumableDoubleCharge [ None ] [ None ]
ConsumableDoubleHeal ConsumableDoubleHeal Repair Efficiency doubled
ConsumableDropClarity ConsumableDropClarity Ether Salvage probability increased
ConsumableDropMaxHPUp ConsumableDropMaxHPUp Resin Salvage probability increased
ConsumableEnemyKillCurrencyRadius ConsumableEnemyKillCurrencyRadius Obolite Salvage increased
ConsumableJumpExplosion ConsumableJumpExplosion Shocking Springs activated
ConsumableMeleeKillAdrenLvlUp ConsumableMeleeKillAdrenLvlUp Melee kills level up Adrenaline
ConsumableMoneyHeals ConsumableMoneyHeals Obolite Siphon activated
CorpseExplosion Visceral Knot +35% chance for hostiles to explode upon death
Corruption Corruption Suffer damage when collecting items
CurrencyDamage Golden Coil Grants +5% Weapon Damage for every 200 Obolites carried. Maximum bonus: 15%
CurrencyDrop Obolite Extractor Hostiles that have injured you drop 50% more Obolites when killed
CurrencyTimerUp Obolite Stabilizer Dropped Obolites last 3s longer
Curse_Ability Ability Circuit Gaining or fixing Malfunctions grants a random combat ability
Curse_Heals Repair Circuit Gaining or fixing Malfunctions repairs Integrity
Curse_Upgrades Integrity Circuit Gaining or fixing Malfunctions increases Max Integrity
DEFup1 Protection Augment Increases Protection by 10%
DEFup2 Protection Augment Increases Protection by 10%
DEFup3 Protection Augment Increases Protection by 10%
DEFup4 Protection Augment Increases Protection by 10%
DEFup5 Protection Augment Increases Protection by 10%
Dissolving_Suit Dissolving Suit After the first hit, Integrity is constantly drained
DMGup1 Damage Augment Increases Weapon Damage by 10%
DMGup2 Damage Augment Increases Weapon Damage by 10%
DMGup3 Damage Augment Increases Weapon Damage by 10%
DMGup4 Damage Augment Increases Weapon Damage by 10%
DOTBlade Slowkill-Blade A single swipe applies damage over time to a Hostile
Dull_Blade Weakened Blade Melee Damage reduced by 75%
EasyMode Easy Mode Artifact Revives once on death and boosts protection by 30% while held. Takes up extra inventory space
EmptyPillBottle Charred Piano Key Personal Item. Improves chances of finding Salvage from hostiles
Explosive_Dash Dash Blast Dash generates an energy blast at the end point
Explosive_Jetbooster Dash Blast Dash generates an energy blast at the end point
Explosive_MeleeKill Execution Blast Melee kills generate energy blasts
Explosive_Mutation Explosive Mutation Hostiles explode upon death
ExtraLife Child's Watch Personal item. It will not let you go
Eye_to_Eye Execution Siphon Melee kills repair Integrity
Finish_Him Wound Seekers Inflict more damage to low health targets
Flash_of_the_Blade Lighter Blade Melee Cooldown decreased
GainMoreSan1 Alt-Fire Augment Shortens Alt-Fire Cooldown by 2s
GainMoreSan2 Alt-Fire Augment Shortens Alt-Fire Cooldown by 2s
GainMoreSan3 Alt-Fire Augment Shortens Alt-Fire Cooldown by 2s
Globe Melted Globe Personal Item. Each carried Key increases chances of finding better Salvage
Golden_Suit Obolite Siphon Gain Integrity from collecting Obolites
HardMode Hard Mode Artifact Enemies emit a damage shape on death
HealAmtUp1 Repairs Augment Increases Repair Efficiency by 25%
HealAmtUp2 Repairs Augment Increases Repair Efficiency by 25%
HealAmtUp3 Repairs Augment Increases Repair Efficiency by 25%
HealAmtUp4 Repairs Augment Increases Repair Efficiency by 25%
HealAmtUp5 Repairs Augment Increases Repair Efficiency by 25%
HealByKill Phantom Limb Eliminating hostiles has a 10% chance to repair Integrity
HealByParasite Progenitor Egg Attaching or detaching Parasites repairs Integrity
HealthUpgradeUp Upgrade Mechanoid Increases the effectiveness of Max Integrity upgrades
Hoarder Enhanced Collector Obolite collection radius doubled
HPMaxUp1 Integrity Augment Increases Max Integrity by 25%
HPMaxUp2 Integrity Augment Increases Max Integrity by 25%
HPMaxUp3 Integrity Augment Increases Max Integrity by 25%
HPMaxUp4 Integrity Augment Increases Max Integrity by 25%
HPMaxUp5 Integrity Augment Increases Max Integrity by 25%
HPMaxUp6 Integrity Augment Increases Max Integrity by 25%
HPMaxUp7 Integrity Augment Increases Max Integrity by 25%
Jammed_Shock_Absorbers Shock Absorbers Offline Suffer damage from long falls
Jetbooster_Delay Delayed Dash Dash Cooldown increased
Kinetic_Blade Execution Rush Melee kills briefly increase Speed
Knockdownimmunity50 Reactive Stabilizers 95% chance to avoid being knocked down by heavy attacks
Leech Leech Attacking hostiles regenerates Integrity
Life_Saver Lifesaver Survive a single killing blow
LowHealth_Autorepair Emergency Repairs At Low Integrity, suit autorepairs itself slowly
LowHealth_DamageUp Emergency Stimulants At Low Integrity, gain +15% Weapon Damage
LowHealth_DashCooldown Emergency Dash At Low Integrity, reduce Dash Cooldown by 50%
LowHealth_DefUp Emergency Protection At Low Integrity, gain 25% Protection
LowHealth_JumpExplosion Emergency Proficiency At Low Integrity, gain +25% Proficiency Rate
LowHealth_MeleeCooldown Emergency Melee At Low Integrity, reduce Melee Cooldown by 60%
LowHealth_Shield Emergency Shield At Low Integrity, gain Shield against the next hit
MaxHealthUpgradeReduction1 Resin Enhancer Reduces the amount of Resins needed to upgrade Max Integrity
MeleeKill_Bolt Execution Bolts Melee kills generate two energy bolts that hit two nearest hostiles
MeleeKill_DefUp Melee Response Getting hit briefly increases Melee Damage by 100%
MeleeKillSpeedUp Execution Rush Melee kills briefly increase Speed by 25% & Protection by 25%
Midair_Impairment Midair Impairment While in midair, Weapon Damage reduced by 50%
MoreAdrenMelee Adreno-Blade Melee kills level up Adrenaline faster
MusicBox Music Box Personal Item. Plays a sound when near secret locations
Nanorepair Emergency Repairs At Low Integrity, suit autorepairs itself slowly
NightmareMode Nightmare Mode Artifact Enemies emit a more dangerous damage shape on death
No_Repairs No Repairs Unable to repair Integrity
NoConsumeConsumable Sealed Skull 15% chance to retain a Consumable on use
NoConsumeKey Key Retriever 25% chance to retain a Key on use
NoSlowdown Silver Lattice Become immune to slowdown effects
Obolite_Projectiles Obolite Projectiles Obolites increase Weapon Damage, but also drain over time
Overloaded_Ammo_Chamber Overload Bolt Successful Overloads generate energy bolts that hit two nearest hostiles
Overloaded_Blade Execution Bolt Melee kills generate two energy bolts that hit two nearest hostiles
PocketUp1 Xeno-tech Prism Gain a permanent Consumable slot
PocketUp2 Xeno-tech Prism Gain a permanent Consumable slot
PosModMultiplier Fractal Nail Grants +10% Weapon Damage while you have a Malfunction
RabbitsPaw Astronaut Figurine Personal item. It doesn't want to let you go
Reflex_DamageUp Adrenaline Stimulants Gain +5% Weapon Damage per Adrenaline Level
Reflex_FuryMode Adrenaline Fury At Max Adrenaline, gain 100% Melee Damage and -50% Melee Cooldown
Reflex_Leech Adrenaline Leech Repairs Integrity by 2% of damage dealt per Adrenaline Level
Reflex_PowerGainsUp Adrenaline Coolant Reduce Alt-Fire Cooldown by 1s per Adrenaline Level
ReloadJumpExplode Disrupting Overload Successful Overloads cause weapon fire to break Shields for 6s
ReloadSpdDefUp Overload Rush Successful Overloads briefly increase Speed & Protection by 15%
ResetSanityOnParasitePickupAndRemoval Pulsating Mass Attaching or detaching Parasites improves your Max Integrity
RevengeBullets Projectile Response Getting hit causes the suit to emit projectiles
RevengeExplosion Explosive Response Getting hit causes the suit to emit an explosion
RobotToy Damaged Robot Toy Personal Item. Increases invulnerability time after getting hit
RubberBall Warped Rubber Ball Personal Item. Each Ether carried increases Repair Efficiency by 5%. Maximum Bonus: 50%
Ruptured_Tank Ruptured Tank Lose Obolites when suffering damage
SapBubble Resinous Shield Picking up a Resin gives you Shield against the next hit
Scrambled_Sonar Scrambled Sonar Map is scrambled
Silvery_Substance_Injection Firearm Fury All weapons have increased firerate
SlowmoUp Xeno-tech Sight Slows down time when aiming with Alt-Fire. Duration: 3s
SpaceshipToy Spaceship Model Personal Item. It seems to have a positive effect on Dash
StaggerSponge Stagger Sponge Staggering Hostiles repairs Integrity
StaggerUpPerPara Unfed Pod Grants +20% Stagger Power for each attached Parasite
Stationary_Impairment Stationary Impairment While stationary, Weapon Damage reduced by 75%
StrongSlash Blade Balancer Enables a more powerful melee attack and breaks yellow barriers
SwitchToLargeParasite Murmuring Cocoon Increases the positive effects of new Parasites
TargetLowHealthDamageUp Wound Seekers Deal 30% more damage to low health targets
TT_Active_Reload_Offline Overload Offline Overload disabled
TT_Active_Reload_Shock Suffer damage on Overload Suffer damage on overload
TT_ALT-FIRE_DISABLED Alt-Fire disabled Alt-Fire disabled
TT_ALT-FIRE_SLOWED ALT-FIRE SLOWED Alt-Fire Cooldown increased by 10s
TT_Come_Get_Some Reduced Protection Protection decreased by 30%
TT_Dull_Blade Weakened Blade Melee Damage reduced by 50%
TT_EnemyHitsHeals EnemyHitsHeals Hostiles heal on attack
TT_Explosive_Mutation Explosive Mutation Hostiles explode upon death
TT_Fabricator_Inflation Fabricator costs increased by [[ShopPriceModifierPercent]]% Fabricator costs increased by 50%
TT_Flash_of_the_Blade Lighter Blade Melee Cooldown increased
TT_Full_Integrity_Impairment Full Integrity Impairment At Full Integrity, -50% Weapon Damage
TT_Impaired_Repairs Impaired Repairs Reduced Repair Efficiency by 30%
TT_Integrity_Reduction Reduced Max Integrity Reduced max integrity
TT_Iridic_Interference Suffer damage when using Keys Suffer damage when using keys
TT_Jammed_Shock_Absorbers Shock Absorbers Offline Suffer damage from long falls
TT_Jetbooster_Delay Delayed Dash Dash Cooldown increased
TT_Locked_Grip Cannot pick up new weapons Cannot pick up new weapons
TT_Low_Integrity_Impairment Low Integrity Impairment At Low Integrity, -30% Weapon Damage
TT_Melee_Delay Melee cooldown increased by [[MeleeCooldownAdditive]]s Melee cooldown increased by 2s
TT_Midair_Impairment Midair Impairment While in midair, Weapon Damage reduced by 50%
TT_Obolite_Destablized Obolite Destablized Obolites disappear 1.5s faster
TT_Ruptured_Tank Ruptured Tank Lose Obolites when suffering damage
TT_Stationary_Impairment Stationary Impairment While stationary, Weapon Damage reduced by 75%
TT_Underpowered Weakened Weapons Weapon Damage reduced by 20%
TT_Unpredictable_Ammo Unpredictable Ammo Hostiles counter on hit
TT_Volatile_Ammo Acid Mutation Hostiles leave pools of acid upon death
Underpowered Weakened Weapons Weapon Damage reduced by 20%
Volatile_Ammo Acid Mutation Hostiles leave pools of acid upon death
WeaponFireBreakShield Shield Disruptor 25% chance to break Shields
Weaponized_Jetbooster Weaponized Dash Dashing through hostiles damages them
XpUp1 Proficiency Augment Increases Proficiency Rate by 15%
XpUp2 Proficiency Augment Increases Proficiency Rate by 15%
1. Confusingly, this clip will sometimes (perhaps always) play in Crimson Wastes instead of Fractured Wastes, but its name is "A2_IC_025_ShopDiscoveredA", and "IC" is consistently used in the game's data files to refer to the "Ice Complex" level (Fractured Wastes).
2. Mine plateau'd at 391 for quite awhile, but finally increased to 392 when I was recording the Crimson Wastes out-of-bounds video footage and discovered the no-Dash room with a narrow zig-zagging suspended walkway.
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