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Complete Yellowstone (2009) Photo Set Online

The complete set of photos from my trip to Yellowstone in the summer of 2009 is now available. Yellowstone National Park contains the highlights, and the entire collection (as well as my journal entries/write-up) are in the Drives section (see Drive 2009 Part 2 - Introduction, Drive 2009 Part 2 - Day 02, Drive 2009 Part 2 - Day 03, and Drive 2009 Part 2 - Day 04 and 05). Yellowstone was my second short trip of 2009. The photos from the first will make their way online at a later date.

I've also published my first publicly-available recipe (well, recipe modification, really) - Bloody, Worm-Eaten Cake.

In the Photography section, I've added some information to Lenses about the (extremely rare) 55mm UV-Nikkor models and some additional steps/notes to Aligning Multiple Exposures in Hugin in cases where the multispectral exposures were captured by using a lens/camera body combination that provides EXIF data regarding focal length, crop factor, and exposure value.

Some minor corrections: I changed the term "maximize" to "normalize" in the Hugin article regarding dynamic range, and I replaced early incorrect references to the "LDP CCI" filter with "LDP CC1" to avoid confusion. Finally I updated the Copyright Information page to reflect my first official registration with the US Copyright Office.

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